About us

Our story

Seneworth Legal Partners was established in 2017 by Founder and Principal, Justin Senescall, a former partner of multi-award-winning international IP law firm, Bird & Bird.

Justin established Seneworth Legal Partners with a view to creating a people first intellectual property service.

Away from the constraints of a partnership, Justin was able to truly invest in their clients’ businesses, enjoying the excitement of helping people’s ideas and inventions come to life and be protected thereafter.

Over time, Seneworth has grown, with the addition of Commercial Lawyer & Company Secretary, April Thomas, and Trade Mark Attorney, Emma Appleby, Trade Mark Paralegal, Tina Cheng and Commercial Lawyer, Nicole Doyle.

The combination of IP and commercial lawyers provides a wholistic approach to servicing clients’ legal business needs, with expert knowledge in the specialised area of intellectual property.

As a workplace, the team put people first to create an environment that encourages collaboration, understanding and respect.

What we value

We put people first – clients and our staff

To provide the best service to our clients, we need to look after ourselves and our staff. We do this by maintaining collaborative and supportive teams with our colleagues and clients.

We’re top tier trained, with a down to earth approach

All of our experts have spent time in high performance or top tier environments – combining the specialist expertise of a big firm, with the availability, flexibility, personalised service and value that can only be achieved in a boutique firm.

We try to be, and like to work with, good people

We have a business model founded on honesty and genuineness. For us, this has resulted in longstanding reciprocal relationships with our valued clients and our trusted employees.