Intellectual Property

We enjoy the excitement of helping our clients’ ideas and inventions come to life and be protected thereafter.

Our experienced team can take care of your intellectual property needs, including trade mark registration and enforcement both in Australia and internationally.

Australian and international trade mark and brand protection

Our experienced team can take care of your entire trade mark registration and enforcement process, both in Australia and internationally.

Specifically, we offer:

  • extensive trade mark searches;
  • application strategies and filing;
  • commencing or defending trade mark infringement proceedings;
  • trade mark oppositions and non-use applications; and
  • trade mark portfolio management and support.

Supporting international agents and law firms

We are highly experienced at drafting overseas applications for the Australian intellectual property office. We provide prompt assistance and support to overseas representatives such as overseas agents and law firms. Our services include drafting, filing and prosecution of trademarks and design rights as well as portfolio management services.

Brand Portfolio Management

Managing large and complex brand portfolios is our speciality. Our team provide expert help to secure, protect and enforce your brands and manage your IP portfolio. Once you have secured your IP rights, it is important that you properly maintain those rights or risk losing them. Our intellectual property management services include:

  • maintaining your IP portfolio, including advising of applicable renewal deadlines and assisting with the renewal process;
  • being the point of contact for any potential intellectual property disputes regarding the portfolio; and
  • implementing and maintaining IP watching services to ensure your rights are not being infringed.

Copyright law advice and disputes

Our team can provide specialist copyright law and related rights advice. Our services include:

  • determining and advising whether someone is infringing copyright;
  • sending or responding to a cease and desist letter;
  • advising on or responding to claims relating to potential causes of action including misleading and deceptive conduct, or trade mark infringement;
  • submitting a copyright infringement complaint to online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; and
  • obtaining copyright permissions.

Bespoke Intellectual Property Services

We have substantial experience in advising clients in relation to commercial aspects of protecting and maintaining their intellectual property portfolio. Our experience includes:

  • recommending the most appropriate corporate structures to protect the client’s current and future intellectual property rights;
  • advising on and drafting appropriate IP licence and assignment agreements;
  • conducting intellectual property audits to enable the identification, protection and management of all intellectual property rights;
  • intellectual property due diligence in the event of a disposal or acquisition;
  •  advising on the commercialisation of your IP to exploit its value;
  • drafting and reviewing contractor agreements, employment contracts and other trading terms to ensure that the relevant intellectual property protections are in place;
  • advising on intellectual property government grants such as the Research & Development Tax incentive and Export Market Development Grants;
  • domain name disputes; and
  • confidential information/trade secrets disputes.

Supporting creative agencies in branding processes

We partner with and support a number of creative agencies in the brand creation process. This includes running extensive local and international searches during the creative process to ensure that the proposed branding is available for use, as well as developing a suitable IP strategy and advising on protection options for the agency client.

This is often a critical, yet overlooked part of the creative agency process.

Need an ‘In House’ Counsel?

At Seneworth we are passionate about ensuring our clients receive value. One way we achieve this is through our unique retainer arrangements. Retainers offer cost certainty throughout the year, providing guaranteed access to our legal experts, with the additional benefit of having someone committed to intimately learning your business and stakeholders.

We have limited places to offer unique retainer arrangements to our most valued clients.