Business Law

We love working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Learning what our clients' passions and goals are, and helping you achieve them, is our highest priority.

We are experienced in a broad range of business law issues – from drafting contracts through to governance and employment issues. We work closely with you to understand and identify business risks and opportunities, setting you up for success.


Clear legal contracts underpin every successful relationship, whether it be with your customers, clients, suppliers, service providers or affiliates. We offer an extensive range of commercial contract drafting services. Our contracts are tailored to your industry and respond to your unique business needs.

We are experienced in drafting a broad variety of contracts including but not limited to services, client, trading, speaker, fitness, consulting, sale, supply, distribution, referral, IT, sponsorship, social media influencer / talent, manufacturing and patient (health). This list is not exhaustive and our experience is wide reaching.

We can also review, mark up and negotiate all of the above contracts. We intentionally design our contracts to be user centric, clear and easy to use.

Privacy Law Advice and Compliance

In an increasingly online world where data collection is an everyday occurrence, it has never been more important for organisations to understand their privacy law obligations.

Companies are now legally required to capture and manage their client and customers’ personal information in line with legal requirements.

We take a best practice approach to privacy law and are experienced drafting Privacy Law Policies and collection statements. We can assist you to identify privacy law threats before they become issues, including whether your business is required to comply with the Privacy Act.

We have particular expertise in relation to privacy issues surrounding health law.

Employment Law

Workplace issues are an inevitable part of doing business or being an employee – which is why well drafted employment contracts, policies and procedures are critical for employers.

We provide sensitive and practical advice to employers on issues including redundancy, performance management, contract breaches, unfair dismissal, discrimination, bullying and harassment, general protections, unpaid wages, restraint of trade and statutory WorkCover claims.

We are experienced in drafting, reviewing and enforcing employment contracts, contractor agreements and workplace policies.

Consumer Law, Marketing and Advertising

With the increase of global networks and online engagement, organisations have a heightened awareness as to what they can and can’t say about themselves, their products and services, and their clients.

We regularly help organisations comply with the complex requirements of Australian Consumer Law and other regulatory regimes.

Our team assists clients with marketing compliance and the review of advertising collateral across all media channels, including in regulated industries such as therapeutic goods or medicines.

We conduct website copy reviews, prepare marketing guidelines for use by internal teams and provide advice in relation to trade promotions and online competitions.

We regularly provide advice relating to Australian Consumer Law and any potential disputes, and are experienced in drafting legally compliant product warranties and sales terms and conditions in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.


Good governance is no longer a nice to have. In today’s world, organisations are under pressure to conduct themselves to the highest standards – with organisations and their directors being held personally liable if certain metrics aren’t met.

Our team provide ad-hoc and ongoing assistance in relation to governance issues. We advise on general company secretarial services, best practice for attending board and committee meetings, taking minutes, preparing documentation for board meetings, preparing documentation for annual general meetings, preparation of board charters or policies and reviewing governance frameworks.

We can provide the guidance to ensure your organisation and its leaders are operating in line with best practice governance standards.

Additional services

In the event you require services beyond those set out above, we have a wide network of trusted advisors who we regularly work with and refer our valuable clients to. Our network includes experts in litigation, property, insolvency and wills and estates.

In the event you require a referral, we will provide our trusted advisors with an overview of our relationship with you, your business goals and your working preferences – saving you valuable time and ensuring you receive consistency and quality of service.

Need an ‘In House’ Counsel?

At Seneworth we are passionate about ensuring our clients receive value. One way we achieve this is through our unique retainer arrangements. Retainers offer cost certainty throughout the year, providing guaranteed access to our legal experts, with the additional benefit of having someone committed to intimately learning your business and stakeholders.

We have limited places to offer unique retainer arrangements to our most valued clients.